Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So, I have pretty much spent today in front of my computer holding a sick 18 mo. old who refused to be put down.  Thank you to all of you amazing bloggers who have provided pictures of animals and kids to captivate even a child with the flu!  She loved looking at the pictures as I scrolled through blogs and in between crying spurts would point at the computer and make an animal sound to go with what she saw.

Being sick is never fun and when you are a mom, having a sick child is even worse.  Put the two together and you get a day of sitting in front of the computer while your older children do crafts instead of school!  I do have to say that I was impressed with my 5yr. today.  Even if I had felt up to homeschool today, the baby was not down for it!  Emma took it upon herself to make up some lessons.  Here is my favorite one.

She made up a series of math problems (yes, I know her 5's are backwards, I'm just glad that the rest of the numbers aren't) and proceeded to help her younger sister (age 3) answer them!  I guess she either really likes school, or this schedule has been engrained, even after two weeks of vacation.

I couldn't help but smile as she showed me the lessons that she had made for each member of our family.  She even made one for Gracie, "For when she gets older.  Can you save it for her Mom?".  I think that one involved filling in missing numbers.  Kim's was to log all of the different types of birthday cakes that he receives for his next several birthdays.  Mine were pretty easy.  I only had to write in the numerals 1-12 and then listen to a poem upon which I was to write the name of the state that I live in and today's date.  She asked me afterwards, in great excitement, "Mom, was it fun that YOU got to write today's date?"  Emma definitely keeps me smiling.  She also keeps me on my toes.  In the middle of the day out of nowhere she asked, "Mama, when Daisy dies, will she go to Heaven?   Please tell me that she will, please, please.  That way, we can all be together again some day."  Like any mother who hasn't quite come to a solid Biblical verdict on that question I answered, "You'll have to ask Jesus that question.  Mama doesn't know."   Several years ago my answer would have been a solid flat out "No." Fortunately I'm learning that the things I've believed so ardently aren't always true.  God is so much bigger than I ever gave Him credit for, so for now, my answer is, "Ask Jesus."  The great thing is that she will, without a second thought.  She knows that she can talk to God and that He listens to her and answers her prayers.  She's seen it on many occasion and doesn't doubt it a bit!  I love that she is growing up with that security.

I guess for the most part, today was a good day.  Yes, we were home sick.  We had to cancel the girls gymnastics classes and stay home, but I got some laundry done and spent time with my girls.  Even Gracie managed a smile or two throughout the day although most of it was spent crying in misery.  The smiles came when I caved and gave her yogurt.  I know that it's not wise to give a sick child milk products, but the poor baby screamed when trying to eat anything else and kept begging for the yogurt.  I caved and she smiled.  A nice moment until she started coughing again and I had to clean her up!

Poor baby girl.  Tomorrow I'll be a better mother, I'll make some non-milk based soup and try to attempt a bit of school.  Today I'm just glad that God never gets sick and is always there loving us and taking care of us wether we are sick or healthy, but especially when we're sick.

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  1. Jeanette, I loved the story of Emma's question about Daisy going to heaven. You have inspired me with your response to 1)not put God in a box, and 2)encourage my kids to go to God for even the simplest of things (something I am not always good at doing).

    Thank you for sharing it; I will never forget it.