Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Sneak Peek!

Well, after a long while of being inblognito (a term I HAD to borrow from my lovely friend Coby), I'm back!  At least long enough to tell you about this beautifully fun wedding that I had the honor of photographing last Saturday.  You may remember this couple from their engagement pictures, their wedding day finally arrived!  Here are some of the images from their special day.

I love the look of eager anticipation on this Scottish groom's face!  So in love.

 I learned a lot about the regalia of the Scotsmen at this wedding.  The question I heard repeatedly asked was, "What is the purse thing hanging around your waist?"  Yes, I was the first to ask it.   The answer...it's called a sporran.  It does actually serve to carry things in since kilts do not have pockets.  Interestingly enough though, it also serves to keep the kilt from blowing up in the wind (if you didn't know, it's traditional to not wear anything under the kilt, according to this groom, "If you wear something under it, it's a skirt.")  After hearing this explanation of the sporran I noticed that two of the groomsmen did not have sporrans and asked what their wind defense would be.  I was told, "They have their hands."  I opted to not do one of my favorite wedding day pictures which is to have all the groomsmen jumping in the air.


Meet our beautiful bride!

 First view with the veil on.

I loved being witness to the close relationships that these lovely ladies share.

How could they be anything but proud of their beautiful girl.

I couldn't make the groomsmen jump, but the bridesmaids are another story.

 Really, she's simply stunning.

Okay, I know that I included a lot of pictures of the bride, but I've never been really great at cutting back on pictures.

One guess on who got the first kiss from the bride...yes, it was Marvin.  Right place, right time!

Just waiting!!!

Finally, the moment has arrived!  Look at those happy faces after being reunited.  They had to spend the whole morning hidden from each other!

First dance.

Father/Daughter dance.  Check out those moves!

The bride's maid of honor caught the bouquet!  Sorry guys, she's already engaged.

Still smiling at the end of their special day. 

These are some of the ladies that closed down the dance floor!  I'm guessing they did, they were still going strong when I had to leave.  I would have loved to stay longer but this wedding was on the same day as prom.  Yes, my husband is a high school teacher and although I never got to go to prom while in high school, I've gone every year since we've been married!

Thank you again to this beautiful family for giving me the honor of photographing this spectacular event.  You are a wonderfully fun and loving family and I can't wait to see all the blessings that this marriage brings to you all!