Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creative Every Day

Well, I have been creative every day, but I'll confess that most of my creativity has been poured into editing conference pictures and making crafts with my kids.  A couple posts ago I mentioned that I'd put some things aside for a while and this is one of them.  I started this Dragonfly a while ago and got stuck.  I don't think it's quite done but can't put my finger on what needs to change.  Any suggestions?  I'd love to hear them.  Thank you in advance!

My Friend's Art

So, I mentioned in my last blog entry that I got a chance to visit a friend.  While I was at her house she asked, giggling, if I wanted to see the painting she had done in an oil painting class that she took on a whim.   Here is her painting.

I had to take a quick picture of her painting because I was amazed at what she had done.  Now, this friend of mine is not someone who practices art.  In fact, the last time she painted anything (art wise), she was 13 and it was a painting she did in school!  I asked more about this class she had taken.  It was a one time, six hour class.  The teacher taught for the first three hours and then they had three hours to paint.  Three hours to paint and THIS is what my friend, who hasn't painted since she was thirteen and took the class on a whim, comes up with.  I was amazed.  I am still amazed.  I'm so painter, I'm a photographer, but I was really impressed with this painting, the blending in the mountains and how she handled the reflection on the water.  I haven't done any painting since college, but my recollection is that oil paintings took a long time to complete and she did this in three hours.  What do you think?  Am I rightly impressed?  I'm curious to hear what some of you artists say about this, should I be encouraging my friend to take some more classes?

Thank you for your opinions.

What is Your Looming Monster?

Have you ever had something that got put aside because your life was suddenly so full of all kinds of activities that something had to take a backseat for awhile?  You chose what could be skipped for the week and then continued with juggling everything else, all the while thinking of what you would be doing in that "laid aside" area, if you had the time.  Day after day, you had brilliant idea upon brilliant idea about what you would do if you only had the time to do it.  Soon, those "brilliant ideas" were so numerous that they were overwhelming and you would need to set aside a huge chunk of time to accomplish them.  Because of this new ginormous time requirement to do something that normally didn't take too long, it was avoided for even longer.  It became almost daunting, and yet, you really wanted to tackle it, "if you only had the time."  This phenomena happens to me a lot!  Usually, it is with cleaning the house.  Although, right now I am speaking of blogging!  I had such a busy week a while back that I had to put the blog aside for a while. Daily, I would have experiences that I wanted to write about but didn't have the time.  Then, when it was possible for me to type for just a bit, I didn't because there was so much to say and not enough time!  Finally, I have come to the conclusion to let it go!  Not the blog, just the many days worth of writing that I had wanted to accomplish but know I never will.  That way I won't be so intimidated when I sit down to type, "just a little bit."  Ah, that feels much better!

Seriously, have you ever done this?  Put something off long enough that it grew to be too intimidating to tackle?  I do it a lot.  Start a project and then get side tracked with another ten or so projects, only to realize that I, once again, haven't finished what I started.  It always makes me feel irresponsible.  I am learning to curb the amount of new things that I take on (I think I'm learning that), but inevitably, there is something that gets put aside and grows into a monster that stares at me with those looming eyes and makes me want to run!

I used to do this regarding my time with  God.  I would start the year with the grandiose plan to read through the Bible before the next January.  I've done it before, I should be able to do it again.  What I fail to remember is that when I did it before, I was in high school and didn't have as many responsibilities as I have now.  Even then, it meant some days of reading for hours.  I would miss a day or two and realize how much reading I needed to catch up on, get intimidated and procrastinate even more.  When I mustered up the courage to "catch up" I would be several days behind and end up reading into the night, barely able to keep my eyes open.  If I had such a hard time doing this when I was in high school, what makes me think that I can do it now with three young children, homeschooling, a photography/art business, a busy church life, a house to attempt to keep clean, a husband to adore, a family to feed, etc?  I have finally realized that my time with God is more important than an attempt to read the Bible in a year.  It is a time to sit down and be with Him, to enjoy His presence and His company.  To listen to what He is speaking to me and to pour my heart out to Him, even though He already intimately knows everything that is inside.  Do I always remember this?  Of course not!  But He does and He is good at reminding me.  The other benefit is that when you only get to read a little bit of His Word in the day, it's easier to meditate on it and really remember what it says!

So what have I been doing since my last blog?

For the most part I've been editing pictures from the two conventions I had the honor of photographing.  Below are some of the detail shots of those events (I know that most photographers would post the pictures of the actual people, but  I didn't want anyone being surprised to see their picture on my blog!).

Okay, I had to include this one.  The baby was kicking through the entire awards ceremony.

From a Vegas Theme to the Tree of Life

This conference was at my church.  My husband helped make these trees.  He's so talented!

During the blessing of the daughters

My daughter during a visit to a close friend's house.

My friend has a GREAT couch!

My friend has a gift for braiding hair, even through the gauntlet.

HOW did she do this??????  I have never been able to braid this child's hair (and have it look decent).

So excited to have braided (bumpy/brinkled) hair.

I couldn't believe she did Emma's hair without E screaming even once.  I felt better after seeing the facial expression in this picture.

We went to swimming and gymnastics classes several times!

Look at that little girl go!

He asked her to open her eyes, not her mouth.

Once again, "Open your EYES."

She loves Mr. Chris.

She's not fond of being on her back, so we find fun things to look at on the ceiling.


Gracie really wants to be in gymnastics class.

Their classes are really fun, but even if they weren't, E's facial expressions would make them worth while.

I was surprised by friends at the door.  I was expecting them, but I wasn't expected their alter "wigged" egos.

I hosted a spa party.  No, she wasn't eating doughnuts, this balm makes your lips soft and smooth.

Since I took pictures of my friends w/ white lips, it was only fair to pose as well.

Inspired by my friend's wigs, I let Emma play with Daddy's old wig.  Yes, this wig belongs to my husband!  He used to wear it to 70's parties back in the day.

Not so sure about that last underwater experience.

She graduated from her class and got to ring the bell!

Proud girl.

Ferrel cat, our neighborhood is full of them.  This one is very nice.  Anyone want a cat?

We took a walk to let the girls see some horses.

Had a great time at our MOPs steering retreat where we were pampered by my friend Diane who sells Beauty Control.  That contraption is a head massager and is AMAZING!  Host two parties for her and it's yours!  Seriously, anyone that wants to host a party for Diane, let me know and I'll get you in touch.  It is a very relaxing and fun time!

Our fearless leader (well, one of them).

Couldn't resist including this one.

Helped my girls make felt puppets, okay I made them pretty much on my own while E kept me company.  You can tell that she picked her own colors.  Hers is a unicorn by the way.

I tried some costumes on Gracie to see what she might be for Halloween.

This was taken when she realized that the costume was too small and she couldn't straighten her legs.

I celebrated with E as she figured out that she could do a bridge by herself!

Watched a rousing game of leapfrog.

I also got a new camera!!!!!!!!  New pictures will be coming soon.  All of the above are with the old one.

I guess that catches us up.  Sorry for so many pictures.  I've never been that great at paring them down!