Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Creative Every Day

Well, I have been creative every day, but I'll confess that most of my creativity has been poured into editing conference pictures and making crafts with my kids.  A couple posts ago I mentioned that I'd put some things aside for a while and this is one of them.  I started this Dragonfly a while ago and got stuck.  I don't think it's quite done but can't put my finger on what needs to change.  Any suggestions?  I'd love to hear them.  Thank you in advance!


  1. I love the deep blue background, but it almost seems overpowering to the dragonfly. Could it be lightened? Or the image of the dragonfly sharpened? Girl, my best work is done in the kitchen! You KNOW I'm no photographer/computer person! ;-)

  2. Thanks Coby, I totally agree. I was thinking of highlighting the inside of the dragonfly's body somehow. Possibly with some digital paint strokes. Thanks for responding!