Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Belief is such a powerful thing.  I am spending the morning casually trying to convince/remind my three year old that she LOVES her swim class.  She does love her swim class and her new teacher, however, last week when she got up on Wed. morning she decided that she didn't like it and that she was going to cry through the whole thing.  She told me her plan in the morning and come swim class time, that is exactly what she did.  This is the same child that laughed and giggled through her entire class the week before, what happened?!?  I know what happened, she made a decision about what she believed and she followed through with the decision she made.  So here I am, thinking back to the movie Inception and wondering if it is possible to plant a belief in her head.  Not really, I mean, I want her to be her own person and not a robot that I can program (okay, sometimes I want to program her) but I also REALLY want her to remember that she enjoys swim class.  The whole thing makes me think of the free will that God gives to us.  We have the option to believe what we want but it goes so much better when our beliefs line up with His.  He has never forced me to believe anything but only loved me so convincingly that I seemingly had no choice (that's for you Peggy) but to realize whatever truth He's set before me.  So, Lord, I pray that you would help me to love my daughter through this in the way You would to help remind her how fun swim class can be.

Oh, and a special thanks to Hope for reminding me that I and everyone around me will have a lot more fun if I have a good attitude throughout my day.


  1. Very encouraging post! I love the pictures!

  2. Thanks so much ladies. It's so great to hear the people are actually reading and enjoying my random thoughts!