Friday, September 3, 2010

Manly Tea Party

We were recently invited to a "Baby Shower Tea", essentially a Baby Shower that was a tea party.  Now, when I say "we", I don't just mean my daughters and I, my husband was invited too.  The shower was for a couple that we know and love dearly, I'm not naming any names but I will post pictures!

I don't mind telling you that when the men found out that they had (oh, sorry, typo) GOT to come to the party, they were thrilled.  Not only was it their first baby shower but also their first tea party.

They were almost as excited as the little girls who were there.

I said almost, didn't I?

The atmosphere did change when the games began.  All of a sudden we were no longer sipping tea at a baby shower, we were suddenly transported to the Daddy Olympics!  The levels of estrogen vs. testosterone in the room switched as the games began.  It was ON!

Now, as women, we've played a few of these games at shower's past but I don't think I've ever seen them played with the level of intensity that was observed here.  These men were out to prove a point, they are MEN and these were the sports of the day.  The competition was fierce!

The first game was about speed and agility and no points were taken off for unnecessary roughness.  Let me just say that it's a good thing that dolls were used instead of real babies.  The objective of the game was to consecutively diaper two babies.  The men were on the clock and there was a lot at stake.

The winner, by I believe 3 seconds was my own wonderful husband.  Now, he is the only one that had a cheerleader at his side and even though in the past I've thought that cheerleaders were more for the fans than the team, I will admit that this particular cheerleader helped encourage her Daddy to a win.

The second game allowed the men to call upon their olfactory functions as well as their abundant knowledge of candy bars.  Yes, it was the "Guess What's in the Diaper" game.  No amount of embarrassment stopped these champions, they stuck their noses right into those disposable delights to guess what kind of melted and mushed up candy bar made the mess they found.

Emma was also very interested in this game.  I made a point to remind her not to try this with the diapers she finds at home.

The men were good with their candy bar identification skills and there had to be a tie breaker.

Port-A-Crib Set-up was the name of that game, and the winner by a landslide....

Yes, you guessed it, my own amazing husband!!!!  Yay Babe!  The actual winner was me because he gave me his prize of Starbucks gift cards.  Now, in all my excitement for my husband's win I did blurt out something to the effect of how he was the best husband.  I truly do believe that, for me.  However, the other men there are definitely the best husbands for their wives, that's why God paired us all the way He did.  Anyway, I did feel a bit bad about saying that, so here is my public apology, you are all great.  Kim is just better.   JUST KIDDING.  I am fully aware that Kim is the only husband that is currently practicing all of these skills, the rest of the Daddy's there have older kids than we do and therefore were at a slight disadvantage when it came to those particular Daddy Olympics.  I will say that all the men showed great sportsmanship and I believe that they raised the bar for real men.  No longer will the saying be, "Real men eat quiche."  It will now have the added appendage of "and go to tea parties."

One note for the father-to-be: you may want to work on your gag reflex.

If candy bar diapers make you cringe, the real ones may come as quite a shocker!

I've been poking fun, but the party was wonderful.  I believe that a good time was had by all and our cultural horizons were broadened.  We are looking forward to the arrival of the new little one and pray blessings and covering for your family.

We love you.

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Thank you.


  1. oh this was great !!! I laughed out loud !!

  2. SO FUNNY! What a great idea to have the men come! Your pictures are worth a thousand words, too.

  3. We had such a wonderful time! The men were excellent entertainment - and the testosterone only fueled the fire! Yes, fiery personalities ironically did very well at this baby tea! The excitement of people coming together that I hadn't seen in forever, and how many fantastic hands helped out as well! Thanks to everyone for your time and love, and thank you Jeanette, for capturing our memories so beautifully!! I can't wait to see some more of your genius in the rest of the photos!