Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today was one of those full days.  You know, the kind where you are so busy that by the time you settle in at night you aren't even sure what you were really supposed to accomplish in it, but you think that you must have done it all because there wasn't any time left unaccounted for?  That kind of day.  We started off at swimming and gymnastics for the girls.  Fortunately for me, Hope hadn't fully decided what her attitude would be in swim class.  She tried pulling off the sad and pouty faces but was no match for her teacher's laughter.  Thank you Mr. Chris!  I believe that she was laughing by the end of class.  I'm not sure though since I had to leave 1/2 way through to get the youngest ready for her class.

In the Mommy and Me class Gracie actually floated on her back by herself for about 3 seconds.  This may sound like no big deal, but this mommy was quite impressed!

After swimming, the older girls had gymnastics and loved every minute of it.  Gracie got to participate for a while too.  That ended abruptly when the teacher said, "You're so cute, I'm just going to take you home with me."  My little girl who had been so happy to sit with her and stretch broke out into tearful screams at the mere thought of going home with someone else.  She was done stretching!

Couldn't leave Emma out.

After classes we headed to a restaurant, because we were with Grandpa and Ganma and that's how they roll.  Yay, restaurant!  The girls were incredibly thirsty by the time we got there because, like the great mom that I am, I got their juices ready before we left and then forgot to bring them along.

Gracie and Grandpa danced at the restaurant.  I think this was the "I'm getting ice cream" dance.

Nap-time was hard to get started today.  The older girls did fine but Grace kept crying (not her usual).  I went into her room and could smell the problem.  "Okay, quick change and we can try this again," is what I thought.  Not quite the case.  I was a bit too long in coming into her room I guess, because she had literally tried taking matters into her own hands.  She had managed to pull the contents of her diaper out of the diaper and into her jumper.  Luckily, she did this all through her clothes so her hands weren't covered in it, but still, not the most pleasant diaper change.  Don't worry, I didn't photograph that.  Right after changing the diaper, I immediately washed and chopped fruit.  Just kidding MOPs moms (who ate the fruit), I washed my hands several times first!  Then, I prepared the fruit.  This is when I made a new discovery about myself.  I don't think that I posses the skill set necessary to make melon balls from a watermelon.  Good to know for the future.
Had a wonderful time at MOPs tonight (Mothers of Preschoolers).  It is sooooo nice to have a group of women to go through life with.  Especially a group that will watch you over perform a cheesy skit and still talk to you afterwards without even being embarrassed.  Just a side note, if you are a mother in the Mesa area with at least one child in kindergarten or younger and are interested in a MOPs group please check out our website
Well, that was the majority of my day in a few paragraphs and pictures.  I think my daughter Hope drew a nice end to the day with her night time prayer, "Jesus, please don't let my boogers come out and PLEASE keep Emma's fingers out of her mouth."   That's my prayer too Hopsie, that's my prayer too.


  1. Jeanette, this was so fun to read. I hope someone important discovers your blog and vaults you to fame! :) It really is wonderful.

  2. Frances, you have the gift of encouragement! Thank you for using it on me. I was seriously thinking, okay this post is probably super boring for people to read, who wants to know all of the mundane details of my day. Your comment really helps me!