Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sneak Peek

When this couple met, she was Marvin's girl.  But he was patient, and he honed his way in.  He started hanging out with the two of them and eventually, he won her heart.

She's actually still Marvin's girl.  Judging by his facial expression, the jury is still out on how Marvin feels about this whole love triangle.  Marvin, by the way, is the horse.

Just kidding.   I'm about 90% sure that Marvin's little sneer is directed at me and my camera.

I had a wonderful time photographing this fun couple and I am looking forward to photographing their wedding next year.  Congratulations you two!!!  Enjoy.

I have to add one little tidbit about this jumping picture.  I had it up on the screen when my five year old noticed it.  She ran over to the computer and stammered in her excitement, "Mama!  She's, she's... It's a miracle!!!!!"  I had to explain to my daughter that "the lady" was in fact just jumping and frozen in air only by the camera.  Needless to say, this evening we took some pictures of my daughter jumping.

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