Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sneak Peek

 I had a hard time narrowing the images from this session down for the Sneak Peek because there were so many different poses and groupings that I really like!  What a fun, big, beautiful family!  Unfortunately, not everyone could make it to the session so we improvised by doing pictures of smaller family groupings that would make sense on the wall next to images of the grown kids who couldn't be there.

I found out early on that "Dad" and I had differing opinions of the "proper facial expression for a family portrait".  I actually know this family so I felt/feel the liberty to tease him a bit.  I hope that feeling is right.

This guy was a trooper.  He couldn't even talk because of his lost voice but he posed willingly none the less.  Thank you!

Little Miss Fun.

I love capturing moments of family interactions during a session.

Beautiful girls.

Lovely smile!

You can tell that Dad is loving every minute of his new modeling career.

I think everyone is laughing at the silly photographer who hasn't given up on trying to coax Dad into a smile.

Finally!!!!  A real smile from Dad.  I wish I would have figured out earlier that all I had to do was get his wife a little closer to him.  Oh well, next time.

Thank you all again.  I had a wonderful time photographing your family.  

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