Monday, December 6, 2010

Sneak Peek

I just love taking family portraits!  Here is one of the families that I got to photograph on Saturday.  It was a very interesting session to say the least.  When I scheduled the session, my husband thought he would be home, a few days later he realized that he had class all day - Oops!  Lucky for me, two families were scheduling together and since they were both experts in small children they were willing to take on three more.  We had a lot of kids with us.  Thank you all for being such great sports and making sure my kids didn't disappear!  
Here are some of my favorites from the first family.  Enjoy.

To me, this is a true portrait of siblings.

I am sorry to say that littlest brother (for now) wasn't so amused with me all of the time.  I like to call this his, "Okay lady, you're just not that funny" face.

Aww, I just love this one.

I couldn't let them get away without at least one picture that showed the newest member of the family!

Thank you again.  You have a beautiful and very fun family.

An apology to the second Saturday family, I am falling asleep at this computer right now.  I promise to get some pics up of your equally fun and beautiful family very soon!

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