Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Here is my late picture for Black and White Wednesday.  I actually did it yesterday but had the hope that I would be able to do all the Wednesday photo challenges and group them together into one post.  How do all you ladies do it????  I only got this one done!  Perhaps with more blogging practice I'll get into a routine where I can participate in more challenges!  Anyway, here is my black and white image.

This picture was taken as I was lunging toward the kids and yelling, "The baby, the baby- catch her!"  My husband was faster then I was and his back is in the next frame (since I never took my finger off the shutter button, I rarely do).

It doesn't look as scary in the picture but they were up pretty high over rocks and when she started reaching out for me I realized that her entire little body could easily slip right through those rails.

the long road


  1. Aww you sound just like me! The lunging and photo taking and all :) just wanted to let you know one of your photos placed in my shoot n tell challenge (mother nature) and go to and find the post and see how ya did!! Congrats in advance! Thanks for entering! You can also enter the current challenge which is "carving"...hope to see ya there!

  2. Thank you so much Natalie! How exciting!!!!