Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flowers On Saturday

Bluberry craft and hobby time

This photo challenge can be found over at Blueberry Craft and Hobby Time.  Here is my entry:

I liked the original image but couldn't resist playing with it.
Check out the link above for more entries!

I also wanted to say a special thank you to Ashley Sisk for providing such a great list of all the photo challenges out there.  I'm pretty new to blogging and found it to be a great resource.  Thanks Ashley!


  1. A very beautiful effect! Like a glorious watercolour painting!

  2. Beautiful shot and you're so welcome. There are so many photo challenges out there.

  3. Beutiful edit! I like original photographs but when we start to edit them they always looks so different and so special.
    I have to agree - Ashley has a great list of photo challenges
    Thank you for linking with Flowers on Saturday

  4. Wow, that would look great on canvas.

    Erika B

  5. I love the texture on there - it works so well with those flowers! I use Ashley's challenge list all the time, too!

  6. Oh my.....I love your editing on this one! Beautiful photo!