Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Perceptive Perspective: Life and Death

First of all, a quick thank you to Hollie for hosting this and for giving great instructions on how to put the photo button in my post.  I'm new to blogging and this is the first time I've gotten it to work.  Thanks Hollie!

I found this photo challenge after I had already entered two of these images in another one.  I think they totally fit this challenge though, so I'm including them in this post.  In fact, when I took the picture of the two aspen, Life and Death was exactly what I was thinking.  Normally I will take new pictures for these challenges, but since I'm home with the flu this week, I am using images that I captured last week.  I hope that's okay.  I'm adding two new images as well.

For the theme Life and Death (inspired by Fall), here are my images:

And now for something COMPLETELY different.....
I once heard the phrase, "The life is in the blood."  That phrase has stuck with me for years.  So, I'm including the final picture because the subject in it was sucking the "life" out of me, which happened to be the action that caused it's death.  To fit into the fall theme I will title it, "Fall of the Mosquito".

I promise, I'm not usually this gruesome.  It just seemed to fit this time.

For more images in this challenge go to 2baby cakes


  1. After looking at your touchup, I had to see more of your work and I'm loving your blog...and your photographs. You have so much talent and I'm excited to follow you. These photos are amazing. I look forward to seeing more. Have a great day!

  2. Thank you so much Ashley for the wonderful compliment. I really appreciate it!