Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simplicity Photo Challenge

Okay, so the theme over at Simplicity is Daydream.  I didn't have time this morning to make a new image but I couldn't resist going into the archives and pulling this image out.  It just looks like a daydream to me.  It is the first infrared image that I colorized to give to my husband as a gift.  It was done for our 1st anniversary and is a picture from our Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta.  I choose this image thinking it would be romantic to depict the little cafe' that we ate at.  I even highlighted our table in orange.  I put a lot of work into the image.  I removed the waiter's station from the lower right hand corner and completely colored the black and white infrared image on the computer.  After I printed the image as a 3'x4' poster and had it mounted on gator board and laminated, I began to think about the cafe'.  It was THEN that I realized that we didn't actually eat there!!!  We had dined at the cafe right next to it and sat at the equivalent table!  Oops!  Too late then.  My husband loved it anyone and to this day it hangs in our dining room.  You can also find it  (along with other infrared artwork) on my website.

I'm including the SOOC image just for fun:

To see more Daydream images go to Simplicity.


  1. Beautiful...I think it's kinda funny and sweet that you didn't actually eat there but daydreamed of eating there.

  2. what an interesting edit. love the color one.

  3. That is beautiful and very dreamy! :) That sounds like something I would do, seriously, I started laughing and hubby asked what I was laughing at. After I explained it he just shook his head. :)