Sunday, November 21, 2010

Portrait Sneak Peek

The other day I had the honor of photographing this beautiful family.

Here are a few of the photos from our session together.  They are still just proofs at this stage but I can't resist sharing some of the fun little moments!

I love capturing sweet moments like this one.

Who could resist those sweet eyes?

Papa and Grandma came along to help entertain the kids.  I couldn't resist snapping a couple of them interacting with their grandchildren.

Little girl on the go!

Following Big Brother.

Helping Little Sister.

Okay, we were at the end of the session and I realized that I hadn't gotten a picture that I was happy with of just the two kiddos.  They were fast and on the move!  I decided to try having Dad and Mom hold them up in the air next to each other, because really, what kid doesn't love "flying"?
I really like the results!

The adults with their, "Yay! Christmas pictures are almost finished!",  smiles of relief.

What a wonderful family and fun session!  Thank you again for choosing In The Light Photography!

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