Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fun Family Portraits by an Arizona Lake

 A couple of posts ago, I introduced you to one of my favorite families to photograph.  Here is another one of my absolute favorite families!  This family exudes energy and fun-loving antics.  The kids are not only beautiful beyond belief, but they are full of giggles and grins and up for anything!  It is easy to see where they get it too, their parents are two of the most creative, loving and enthusiastic people I've ever met.  I LOVE photographing this family!  Here are some images from a session we had at Freestone Park in Gilbert, Arizona.

Here is one that shows Grammy.  Everyone should be blessed with a Grammy like this woman!  Those kids (parents included) could never doubt her love, dedication and devotion!  This picture is a bit out of date however, I saw her recently and she looks like a different person!  Time for some new pictures! 

 See what I mean about fun and energetic?  You can see the making of this image here, on my YouTube channel.

Love his gorgeous curls!!!!

 This miraculously quiet, contemplative moment was brought to you by those fascinating ducks.

 No wonder they make such great looking kids!
Even their eyes look like they were made to go together.

Last but not least, my personal favorite.  I have four young kids of my own, so I know that sometimes, this is what life feels like.  What I love about this couple is that they are such a strong team.  There can be a whirlwind going on around them, but they don't let it seperate them.  They are rooted in God and completely in love.  Their children are blessed to have this example of parents who love each other in such an unwavering way.

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