Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sneak Peek

Last Sunday I had the great privilege of  photographing a Surprise 44th Wedding Anniversary Party for Charlie and Dottie.  It was an honor to be amongst their family during this time of celebration.  This is a beautiful couple and it is no wonder that they produced such caring and loving children.  Thank you all for letting me be a part of this momentous day.

This image was taken right after the surprise.  I love the patience of the woman in the corner, waiting for everyone else to greet Charlie before she made her presence known.  The smile on his face and the huge hug he gave her when he did see her were well worth the wait.

Here is the surprised expression on Dottie as relative after relative appeared from around the corner.  I think one of my favorite moments of the day was right around this time.  Dottie kept being surprised by her children and grandchildren who had flown in from all over and yet she couldn't place me.  Finally she came over and said, "I don't remember you." 

It is obvious that this family really loves each other.

I had to put at least one black and white image in.

I would like to thank Uncle Steve for producing such great smiles from everyone.  No one knew what a great dancer he was until this day.  I won't say the name of his dance but I will say that it brought out many grins and giggles from the kids and adults as well.  Great job Uncle Steve!

Here are Charlie and Dottie with their six beautiful children.

The whole clan, well, at least all that could make it to the party.

This is a touch I hadn't seen before.  This is Charlie and Dottie's actual wedding cake topper!  I noticed as I was processing these images that the little books are hinged.  I wonder if there is anything inside.  What a beautiful sentiment that they saved this for 44 years.  

Now this is a couple in love!  Seriously, I couldn't get them to look at me.  Even after 44 years they are smitten.

This is what romance looks like.  Full devotion that lasts throughout the years.

I was finally successful in getting Dottie's attention but Charlie is so enamored with his wife that I couldn't even get a glance!  I was still in kid photographer mode and jumping up and down waving at him to look over and....nothing.  He only has eyes for her.  What an extraordinary love and treasure to behold.  

Victory!!!  Okay, she made him look at me.

Once I actually took in the photograph on their shirts I didn't feel so bad.  I see now that Charlie has been moonstruck over Dottie since before I was even born.  I just wonder if their wedding photographer jumped all around the room trying to get his attention like I did.
Thank you again for letting me be witness to this fairy tale romance.  

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  1. Love the pics jeanette!!!!! they are awesome and i can't wait to see all of them! you did a great job!!!!! thanks!